Central configuration

These configuration options control various aspects of your Domino deployment. They are accessible from the admin page, via Advanced > Central Config. In order for changes to take effect, you’ll need to restart the Domino frontend server.

Below are examples/descriptions of some of the options, grouped by functional area.

Access Controls

common com.cerebro.domino.defaultProjectVisibility Public
  • defaultProjectVisibility controls the default level of access that users will have to new project. The Sharing and Collaboration page describes the different options for this “Visibility” setting.

Executor Timeouts

role frontend com.cerebro.domino.dispatcher.executorStopTimeout 30min
role frontend com.cerebro.domino.dispatcher.executorTerminateTimeout 7day
  • How long until an idle executor is stopped or terminated (VPC only)

Environment Editing

common com.cerebro.domino.environments.allowAnyUserToEditEnvironments true

Email Alerts

common com.cerebro.domino.supportAlerter.enableEmailSupportAlert false
common smtp.from no-reply@mydomain
common smtp.host myemailhost
common smtp.password myemailpassword
common smtp.port 25
common smtp.ssl false
common smtp.user domino-smtp
common com.cerebro.domino.email.notificationFromAddress no-reply@mydomain
common com.cerebro.domino.email.transportType smtp
common notification.maxFilesToAttach 10

Run Directory GC

common com.cerebro.domino.executor.runsGarbageCollectorExpirationsOverride { "Succeeded": "7days", "Failed": "7days", "Stopped": "7days", "Error": "2hours" }
  • The runsGarbageCollectorExpirationsOverride controls how long a run working directory will remain cached on an executor. Leaving cached data may speed up subsequent runs on that executor, especially if the project is large (since the data copy step will be skipped). However, this requires ample disk space to maintain the cache.

HTML file rendering

common com.cerebro.domino.frontend.allowHtmlFilesToRender true
  • Allows HTML files to render when opened so they display as a normal HTML file would render in a regular web browser. Setting to false means just the file contents will be shown

Disabling Public Projects

common com.cerebro.domino.publicProjects.enabled true
  • When marked false, users (excluding admins) will not be allowed to set projects as public. It does not effect existing projects.

If you need assistance with a configuration parameter not shown here, please contact us for support.