Admin rolesΒΆ

You can assign admin access roles to certain users.

The available roles are:

  • System Admin
  • Support Staff
  • System Librarian
Permission System Admin Support Staff System Librarian
View Dispatcher X X  
Stop Runs X X  
Launch/Stop/Start Executors X X  
Edit Hardware Tier/Executor Configuration X X  
View Logs X X  
View Usage X X  
Upgrade/Stop/Restart Server X X  
Manage API Endpoints X X  
Manage Project Tags X   X
List All Projects X   X
Preview Projects X   X
Curate Projects X   X
Edit Global Compute Environment X    
Edit Configuration Details X    
Manage Organizations X    
View Control Center X    
Global Project Access X    
Global Model APIs Access X    
Run MongoDB Commands X    
Manage User Roles X    
Manage Datasets X    
View Assets X    

A System Admin user can grant access roles to other users. To do so, visit the admin page and click Users from the top menu. Locate the user you want to grant permissions to, click Edit next to the username, then select the desire role.