Restricted signupsΒΆ

By default, anyone who can access the Domino application can create a user account. It is therefore sometimes necessary to strongly restrict networking access to Domino to prevent unwanted account creation.

If such restrictions are not enough, it is possible to specify a whitelisted domain or set of email addresses and only allow signups when the provided email is on the whitelist. To set a whitelist:

  1. Log in to the target deployment as an admin.
  2. Click your username in the upper right, then click Admin.
  3. Under Advanced, click Central Config.
  4. Click Add Record and provide the following:
    • namespacecommon
    • name: leave empty
    • keycom.cerebro.domino.frontend.signupEmailWhitelistOrDomain
    • value: the value can be either a domain (e.g. or a comma-separated list of email addresses
  5. Click Create, then restart the Domino front-end for your changes to take effect. Users will then only be able to create accounts if the email they provide is on the whitelist or matches the whitelisted domain.
Note: Domino does not do email verification when a user signs up. Anyone who entered a whitelisted email would be able to create an account, even if they did not own that email address. This technique relies on security through obscurity, and should not be relied upon long term.