Using the CLI behind a proxy

You can configure the Domino CLI to use your proxy with the following changes. You’ll need to modify files in the client installation directory:

  • On Mac, the directory is /Applications/domino
  • On Windows, the directory is C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Programs\domino

In the root of the installation directory, there is a file named domino.vmoptions with some configuration options available. Add the line -include-options ~/.domino.vmoptions at the end of the file for any *nix based system (Windows users will need to specify the appropriate path where .domino.vmoptions will be created):

-include-options ~/.domino.vmoptions

You will need to create the user level configuration file .domino.vmoptions in your home directory. A user level configuration file is necessary to ensure your settings are never modified in the scenario that the CLI is reinstalled or updated. In the newly created ~/.domino.vmoptions assign your proxy’s port and host configuration:


You’ll need to replace YOURPROXYHOST and 1234 with your actual proxy connection information.