Projects Portfolio

The Projects Portfolio allows you to track the status of projects you have access to, including:

  • projects you own

  • projects you have been added to as a collaborator

  • or if you are a system administrators, all projects across Domino

To open the Projects Portfolio, click Control Center in the Switch To menu.


You will find the Projects Portfolio as an option in the Control Center main menu.


The Control Center interface above shows the Projects Portfolio with the following important elements:

  1. This is the main menu option that opens the Projects Portfolio

  2. This button filters the table of projects to show only projects that are marked by users as blocked

  3. These tabs filter the table of projects by active or complete status

  4. These buttons filter the table of projects by project stage

  5. This menu selects which columns of data to display in the projects table

This interface allows you to quickly digest the state of work in your projects. To maximize the usefulness of this tool, be sure to understand how administrators can configure meaningful project stages for their teams, and read about how users set project stages, raise and resolve blockers, and change project status.