Contact Domino technical support

Submitting a ticket

There are three ways to submit a ticket to the Domino technical support team:

  1. The easiest way to submit a ticket is through our ticketing portal at

  2. Another option is via the Help widget in the bottom right of your Domino UI.

  3. Finally, you can also email

For critical issues, always submit a ticket via the web form or widget.


  • Try to provide as much information as you can

  • If there are steps we can use to reproduce your problem, tell us what they are

  • For issues with a specific Run, please include a link to the run and a screenshot of the error

  • For issues with the CLI, please include the contents of the domino.log file from the folder in which you ran the command

  • For issues with projects, please include a link to the project

  • For issues with environments, please include a link to the environment