How to move a project from one Domino deployment to another

These are the steps to take to move a project from one Domino deployment to another. For example, perhaps you had a project in our Trial deployment and you want to move it to our Production deployment or to your private Domino deployment. This can be done via the CLI.   It’s important to note that this process only moves the latest files, and not your past history and revisions.

For more information about the CLI, please visit Installing the Domino Client (CLI).

This assumes you have the latest local copy of your project on your workstation. Please review “How to” / CLI reference on how to “get” a local copy, if you do not have a local copy.

Here are the commands to use in the CLI:

  1. Navigate to your project on your local system that you’d like to migrate

    cd <your project>

  2. .domino is what identifies it as a domino project, so we remove it

    rm -rf .domino

  3. Log into the target deployment you’re moving to, initialize and upload your project

domino login <target URL>
domino init
domino upload

Once you have completed the steps above, log into the new Domino system where your project is hosted and verify the access and collaboration settings are correct. In some cases, access and collaboration settings may need to be updated as they do not transfer with the project.

Your project migration is complete.