Project tags

Project tags are an easy way to add freeform metadata to a project. Tags help colleagues and consumers organize and find projects that interest them in Domino. Tags can be used to describe  the subject matter explored by a project, the packages and libraries it uses, or the source of the data within.

Tagging a Project

Tags can be added, deleted and modified from a project’s overview page by clicking the `+` button above the description.


While you can create a tag with whatever content you’d like, tags indicated in green have been marked as approved by your Domino admin or librarian to help reduce duplicate tags.

Managing Tags

Domino admins and librarians can manage the tags in a Domino deployment. From the left navigation menu you can click Tags to open the tags interface.

From this screen you can add, delete, and edit existing tags. You can also merge tags. You can mark a tag as approved which will make it appear green to all of your users, and signal that its use is encouraged.