Workspace sessions


Workspace sessions are interactive sessions hosted by a Domino executor where you can interact with code notebooks like Jupyter and RStudio. The software tools and associated configurations available to you are called Workspaces, and they are defined in the pluggable notebooks section of your Domino environment.

How to launch a Workspace session in Domino

To start a Workspace session, click Workspaces from the Project menu to open the Workspaces dashboard.


Then click on the “New Workspace” button in the top-right of the page.


Supply an optional name for your session, choose a hardware tier, and choose an environment. The Workspace IDEs available to you are determined by the environment you choose, and they update dynamically in the launch modal. Once you have finished configuring, click Launch to start your session. This will open a loading screen for your session that will automatically redirect you to the hosted Workspace when it’s ready.

If you would like to re-launch a previous workspace with access to the files as they were at the beginning of that session, first select the box to the left of that workspace. Then select the ‘Relaunch with Original Version’ button at the top of the page to start a Workspace with the same configuration and version of the file contents.

How to re-open running Workspace sessions

If you close your browser or navigate away from your Workspace session, you can re-open it from the Workspaces dashboard by locating its row on the Running tab and clicking Open.


How to view and manage Workspace sessions from the Workspaces dashboard

The Workspaces dashboard supports all of the same organizational, management, and comparison features as the Jobs dashboard.