Domino 3.6

3.6.31 (May 2021)


  • Fixed an issue that caused a “Too many open files” error during logging.

3.6.30 (December 2020)

  • Fixed an insecure redirect that caused Chrome to display a security warning.

3.6.29 (November 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented logins via the Domino CLI from Windows hosts.

3.6.28 (August 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented workspaces from starting, resulting in the error “The image name was not set.”

  • Fixed an issue that, under certain circumstances, caused a run to launch on more than one executor.

3.6.27 (June 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that caused an error to occur when installing the Domino CLI with MacOS Catalina.

3.6.26 (June 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in excessive CPU usage when using a Launcher for projects with many runs.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Domino to become unresponsive when a large files were uploaded.

3.6.25 (May 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the contents of an imported git repo to visually disappear within the repository’s file directory in Domino.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented run logs from appearing in the Domino UI.

3.6.24 (April 2020)


  • Maintenance release to update internal components.

3.6.23 (March 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented project size from being calculated when launching a run.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Domino deployments from connecting to MongoDB instances.

3.6.22 (March 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Jobs dashboard to become unresponsive when there were many active runs.

  • Fixed a CPU usage issue that caused Domino to become unresponsive.

3.6.21 (February 2020)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from uploading files into Launchers when using Microsoft Edge 42.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented notifications about long-running workspaces from displaying properly.

  • Fixed an issue that caused downtime when scaling a model.

3.6.20 (January 2020)


  • Fixed an issue where links to files in subdirectories in the Job details panel would result in a 404 due to quotes around the file path.

3.6.19 (January 2020)


  • Fixed issues related to use of the File parameter type in advanced Launcher editing causing the Launcher interface to fail to render. Domino will now better handle cases of empty or invalid default values for such parameters.

  • Fixed issue where following links on the Datasets overview would sometimes lead to a stalled loading spinner requiring a refresh.

  • All parameters passed to Launchers are now single quoted to preserve spaces and other special shell characters.

  • Added retry for some S3 operations that could experience intermittent service level failure.

3.6.18 (December 2019)


  • Improved garbage collection processes in platform services to reduce disk usage.

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to view an invite-only app while not logged in did not correctly redirect the user to the login flow.

  • Consolidated platform messaging queues to improve platform performance and durability.

  • Fixed an issue where the Login button on the You have been logged out of Domino page did not correctly redirect the user to the login flow.

3.6.17 (December 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where first-time login for a new user could fail to trigger new-user setup, instead showing an error until the user navigated to a new interface. First-time logins should now reliably trigger new-user setup and redirect the new user to their projects page with their default projects created.

  • Fixed an issue where models could fail to start if there were many models queued for publishing.

  • Added new styling to the logout page.

  • Fixed an issue where the com.cerebro.domino.publicProjects.enabled setting did not affect creation via API. Setting that option to false now disables the ability to create public projects both in the UI and in the API.

3.6.16 (November 2019)


  • Added URI-encoding to Bitbucket PATs used by Domino to protect against errors caused by unsupported characters in the password.

  • Fixed an issue where Domino Datasets containing a very large number of individual files could fail to mount in runs.

3.6.15 (November 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where the control center could fail to load if many runs are queued.

  • Fixed an issue where passing the username of a Domino app viewer would intermittently fail.

  • Updated Domino management tooling to require that AMIs used for Domino executors have EBS auto-termination enabled.

  • Improved performance of loading detailed run information across the UI.

3.6.14 (October 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where admins were unable to publish a new version of a model when the admin was not an owner or contributor on the project containing the model.

  • Fixed an issue where some text input fields in the Kubernetes volumes section of the advanced model settings page were too small to see a reasonable amount of text input. These fields have been resized.

3.6.13 (October 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where the environment revisions page would sometimes incorrectly label an inactive version of an environment as the Active version. This interface will now only mark the actually active version.

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to reopen a recently closed workspace in Edge 17+ would result in a 404 error.

3.6.12 (October 2019)


  • Improved performance of loading model instance logs in the UI.

  • Removed checkboxes from the rows in the app versions dashboard, as there were no bulk actions available.

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to change a project collaborator’s role could result in an error.

  • Setting a custom override for model timeouts will now work as expected. Previously, models would time out after a maximum of 60 seconds even if a longer override was set.

  • The search box on the workspaces dashboard now supports filtering by tag.

3.6.11 (September 2019)


  • Removed the checkboxes on table rows when there are no bulk actions available on objects in the table.

  • Clicking the button to duplicate an environment now redirects the user to the duplicate environment description page. Previously, taking this action would reload the original environment’s description page.

3.6.10 (September 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where stopping a Workspace from the Workspaces dashboard would erroneously indicate to the user that they were discarding changes even when there were no uncommitted changes in the session.

3.6.9 (August 2019)


  • Improved performance of loading model instance logs in the UI.

  • Improved garbage collection for temporary folders and volumes on executors.

  • Fixed an issue where stopping and committing from the Workspace UI would not execute the post-run scripts from the user’s environment.

  • Added a modelManager.modelContainer.restartCountLimit option which defines how many times a Model API can fail to launch before being descheduled and not restarting further.

3.6.8 (August 2019)


  • Restyled the support button so that it no longer obscures other interactive UI components.

3.6.7 (August 2019)


  • Fixed an issue with event telemetry reporting that could cause some actions in the UI to hang indefinitely.

  • Fixed an issue where logs would sometimes erroneously indicate a lack of executor capacity.

3.6.6 (August 2019)


  • Added a modelmanager.requestBufferSize to override the size of the uWSGI request buffer for published models. This will allow creating models that take larger requests without causing invalid HTTP request size errors.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause opening a Workspace to 404 for users with uppercase characters in their LDAP federated usernames.

3.6.5 (August 2019)


  • Fixed an issue with CLI login.

3.6.4 (August 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where the support widget could cover up interactions in the application.

3.6.3 (July 2019)


  • Added a button to the dispatcher admin UI to download the files from the working directory of an active Run.

3.6.2 (July 2019)


  • Fixed an issue where if a user had made changes in a workspace, then reopened that workspace in a new tab or window, attempting to stop and commit changes would not correctly commit the changes.

3.6.1 (July 2019)


  • Fixed some issues with rendering custom support buttons.

  • Admin users who stop their own workspaces will no longer receive a notification that an admin stopped their workspace.

  • Fixed a rendering issue with the help link in the workspace logs panel.

3.6.0 (July 2019)

Breaking changes

  • The legacy Runs dashboard is no longer available in Domino 3.6. After upgrading to 3.6, the new Jobs dashboard interface will be enabled.


  • Domino 3.6 introduces Datasets scratch spaces. These are mutable filesystem directories for temporary data storage and exploration. They are a complement to the core Datasets functionality. Read more about scratch spaces here.


  • New API endpoints for working with Datasets are available.

  • The following types of events have been added to project activity feeds:

    • Publishing a Model API

    • Publishing an App

    • Publishing or modifying a scheduled Job

    • Creating, editing, or deleting files from the Domino UI

    • Creating, editing, or deleting files as the result of a Workspace sync

  • A new timeline component has been added to the Jobs dashboard. This component shows a time series of dominostats.json values being tracked across experiments.


  • If you are a collaborator on a project, and an administrator or project owner stops one of your Workspace sessions, you will now get an email notification with details.

  • For new deployments, Domino 3.6 introduces a new authentication service that supports additional protocols and SSO providers.

  • Tables throughout the UI have been switched over to a new component type for unified and improved styling.

  • Previously, when an executor in Maintenance Mode was stopped, starting the executor from the Dispatcher UI would take the executor out of Maintenance Mode automatically. Now, the executor will start but remain in Maintenance Mode. Executors will only exit Maintenance Mode when an administrator manually toggles Maintenance Mode.

  • Fixed some issues with model tester connectivity to published models.

  • Fixed formatting issues with UI text on the environment definition page.

  • Fixed an issue with port assignment for Spark that could impact connectivity.