Domino 4.3

4.3.0 (August 2020)

New Features

  • Domino now generates short-lived JWT tokens that can be used to authenticate to third party resources, data sources, and the Domino API. Tokens are made available in Workspaces, Jobs, or Apps. Learn more about Domino’s JWT tokens here.

  • All components of Domino On-demand Spark clusters are now displayed with key infrastructure and configuration information in the administrator’s execution dashboard.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented hardware tiers from functioning as intended if the Cores Limit field was left blank. Execution specifications would still be produced with a limit equal to the CPU request. Now, leaving the Cores Limit field blank will correctly produce execution specifications with no CPU limit.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented GPU-based Spark clusters from functioning properly.

  • Fixed an issue where restarting a node would cause apps in Domino to fail.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented workspaces from properly detecting file changes when performing volume recovery.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented workspace recovery with a salvaged volume if a Domino session was expired.

  • Fixed an issue where the base image in an Environment changed when other non-image changes were made to the Environment.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented archived workspaces and jobs from appearing in their corresponding dashboard.