Project Goals in Domino 4+


In Domino 4.0+ you can add goals to projects. Goals represent outcomes or subtasks within the project. Contributors to the project can link files, Workspace sessions, Jobs, and Apps to goals, which show up on the goal card in the project overview.

This provides a way to track all work related to a specific goal in the project, and can make navigating large and busy projects easier.

Creating goals

From the project overview, click the Goals tab, then click + Add Goals. Provide a title and description, then click Save.


Managing goals

You can always see the current status of a goal by returning to the Goals tab on the project overview. Click the menu button in the top right of a goal card to see options for editing, deleting, or changing the completion status of a goal.


Linking work to goals

You can link Workspace sessions or Jobs to a goal by checking the desired entries in their respective dashboards and clicking the Link to goal button.


You can link an App to a goal by clicking Link to goal on the App settings tab.


You can link Model APIs to goals by clicking Link to Goal in the Actions column of the Model APIs overview.


You can also link files to goals by clicking Link to Goal in the upper right of the file view.