Reverting projects and files


Domino allows you to easily revert entire projects or individual files back to previous versions at any time. This is intended to encourage experimentation and creative approaches to problem-solving by eliminating the overhead cost of recovering earlier, functional versions if experiments don’t pan out.

Reverting a Project

To revert to an earlier version of a project, open the project in Domino, then click Files from the project menu. Above the table of files you’ll see a dropdown menu that controls which revision of the project files is shown. The current revision is at the top, and older revisions appear below it chronologically. Click on an older revision to view it.


While you’re viewing an older revision, the files page will have a yellow background, and a callout will appear below the dropdown menu, alerting you to the fact that this is an older state of the project, and providing a link to switch back to the latest.


You’ll also see a Revert Project button next to the dropdown menu. Clicking this button will revert your project to the state shown in the revision you’re currently viewing. This will result in a new revision being applied on top of the existing project history. The revision you reverted from is not lost.


Reverting a File

Domino allows you to revert individual files as well. This can be useful in cases where you wish to revert to an earlier version of a file while still preserving changes made to other files in the project.

To revert to an earlier version of a file, open the project containing the file in Domino, then click Files from the project menu. Click on the name of the file you want to revert to view the contents of the file. You’ll see a dropdown menu above the file contents that can be used to select which revision of the file you want to view.


While viewing an older revision of the file, you’ll see a Revert File button next to the dropdown. Clicking this button will write a new revision of the project that changes this file to match the state you want to revert to. Just like with reverting a whole project, the revision you’re reverting from is not lost.