Renaming a project

Changing the name of a project in Domino is a quick and simple process. However, there are repercussions involved in changing a project’s name. For example, when a project is renamed, its endpoints are automatically unpublished, and they will all have new URLs when they are re-published. Additionally, any local copies will have to be cloned again, since the project metadata will be pointed at the old project name. Since renaming a project cannot be undone, make sure you are aware of and have prepared for these events.

To change a project’s name, go to the project’s Setting page under the Access & Sharing tab.


Domino will check to ensure the new name is not currently in use by another project. When you have finished entering the new project name, Domino will show you a warning screen.

Be sure to read this warning thoroughly. If any of these events are unacceptable to you, clickCancel.

If, however, you still wish to rename your project, clickRename Projectto complete the process. Domino will rename your project, and you may continue working on it immediately.