Domino 4.5.1 User’s Guide

New to Domino?

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Domino is a data science platform that enables fast, reproducible, and collaborative work on data products like models, dashboards, and data pipelines. Users can run regular jobs, launch interactive notebook sessions, view vital metrics, share work with collaborators, and communicate with their colleagues in the Domino web application.


  1. Access resources you need by choosing a custom hardware tier or compute environment.

  2. Get data into Domino with a web upload, using the command line interface, by connecting to external data sources and Git repositories, or with the Domino API.

  3. Prepare data in an interactive workspace using your preferred tools.

  4. Develop your model by running Jobs, and create repeatable experiment pipelines with Scheduled Jobs.

  5. Deploy your model with a Model API, web application, or Launcher.

  6. Share and collaborate by creating an organization or searching prior work.

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