Tech Ecosystem

Domino is an open enterprise platform for data science, machine learning, and AI research.

Domino works with an expansive list of industry leading tools and technologies to enrich the data science research, development, and deployment process. Our product works with a wide range of data sources, languages, IDEs, tools, libraries, and publication targets, including:

  • Certified partners who have worked with Domino to integrate and verify their tools
  • Other 3rd party tools and technologies known to work with Domino
  • Access to other tools and technologies through code-first APIs or connections

The following topics in our documentation describe these integrations in more detail. The integrations are listed alphabetically and grouped according to the categories shown in the diagram.

If you see something missing, please reach out to Domino Support as we are always adding new integrations and always interested in hearing what’s top of mind for data scientists.


Compute Environment Catalog

Domino is an open platform for data science which allows various languages, IDEs, data sources, and tools to be integrated into one place.

Domino pre-builds compute environments with partner technologies to make it easy for data scientists to use the tools they want in their Domino installation. These environments are built, tested, and security scanned. We update the environments periodically to keep the libraries and tools near their latest stable versions.

Below we provide a catalog of those environments. These can be pulled into any Domino installation which has access to The URL provides the repo access to pull the image from and the linked documentation provides details on configuring those environments.

For any questions or issues, feel free to reach out to

Partner Product/Version
domino Domino Analytics Distribution (DAD)
domino Domino Minimal Distribution (DMD)
anaconda-ws Domino Analytics Distribution w/Anaconda
matlab MATLAB 2021a
matlab MATLAB 2020b
matlab MATLAB 2020a
matlab MATLAB 2019b
nvidia-ngc CUDA 11 NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc CUDA 10 NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc PyTorch NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc TensorFlow NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc RAPIDS NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc MXNET NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc Clara Train NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
nvidia-ngc Deepstream NGC Container (Domino enhanced)
SAS SAS Viya 3.5
SAS SAS Data Science 9.4

Data governance

Solution Partner Integration information
okera check

Tools & IDEs

Solution Partner Integration information
rstudio check
matlab check
SAS check

Packages & libraries

Solution Partner Integration information
anaconda check Miniconda can be added to Domino environments and you can specify a local mirror if desired.
h2o check
datarobot check

Model publishing

Solution Partner Integration information
sagemaker check

If you are a partner interested in certifying your solution in Domino, please contact