Data sources overview

Domino is an open platform, and capable of connecting to many data sources. In addition to manually uploading data to Domino’s native file store via the UI or CLI, many users choose to connect directly to data sources from their Python and R code.

In principle, Domino should be able to connect to any data source that has a Python or R package, or Ubuntu driver. Additionally, Domino can access data via APIs, or anything available through a service such as wget.

When configuring a connection to a data source there are three main things to consider:

  • Network connectivity

    To access a data source from Domino, there must be network connectivity from Domino to the source. This can be a LAN connection, or connection over the Internet.

  • Package or driver

    You need to have the appropriate package or driver installed in your environment. There is a large collection of publicly available resources specific to almost any data source, and Domino has authored some guides to common examples.

  • Credentials

    To authenticate to your data source, you will need to store your credentials for the Data source in Domino. Instead of adding them as plain text in your code, we recommend users use environment variables to securely store any usernames or passwords. For those connecting to a data source using Kerberos, users can store their keytab securely by adding it to User Settings > Kerberos Integration.