Working with lots of files

How to work around problems that arise when your project has thousands (or more) of files.

Too many open files

The problem: Domino gives you an error like, “too many open files”

The solution:
Create a file in your project folder called .noLock (note that the leading ‘.’ is critical, and that capitalization matters)
Details (if you’re interested):
When Domino synchronizes your files with the server, it takes out a lock on all your project files, to ensure they don’t change during the synchronization process. If you have a very large number of files, Domino will run into the operating system’s limit for the number of files that can be “open” at once. The .noLock file tells Domino to skip its normal step of locking your files during synchronization — so you should be careful not to change any of your project files while Domino is uploading or downloading them.