Domino makes it easy to collaborate and coordinate with others through commenting.

Comments can be posted on:

  • Jobs

  • Workspaces

  • Results

  • Files

  • Reviews

  • Run comparisons

Domino supports Mathjax and Markdown for richly formatted comments. You can also mention other users to tag and notify your collaborators.

Example comment with MathJax, Markdown, and @mention examples

MathJax formatting

Example comment with MathJax only

To produce clear and professional-looking symbols and equations, Domino uses MathJax. MathJax automatically formats the mathematical symbols and equations that you enter in comments using LaTeX notation.

Many resources for learning and using MathJax are available online, including the official MathJax Documentation.

For quick reference and examples of commonly used MathJax notation, we recommend this tutorial available on the Mathematics meta stack exchange.

Markdown formatting

Example comment with Markdown only

Domino also supports Markdown in comments. Markdown is a lightweight markup language used to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents.

They are especially useful in Domino for formatting longer comments or creating README files.

Read about the basics of Markdown syntax here.

Mentioning collaborators

Example comment with @ mentioning only

You can mention your collaborators in a comment with @username. Users mentioned in a comment will receive an email notification.