Domino service filesystem


This article describes the filesystem structure you will find in Domino Runs.

The filesystem root (/) contains the following directories.

├── bin
├── boot
├── dev
├── domino  # contains datasets directory
├── etc
├── home
├── lib
├── lib32
├── lib64
├── media
├── mnt     # contains working directory
├── opt
├── proc
├── root
├── run
├── sbin
├── scripts
├── srv
├── sys
├── tmp
├── usr
└── var

Domino working directory

When you start a Run from a Domino project, your project files and some additional special files and directories are loaded into the Domino working directory. There are two different paths where you may find this directory, depending on how your project is configured:

  1. By default, your working directory will just be /mnt. The folders and files from your project will be in that directory, along with the special files and folders described below.

  2. If your project is set up to import another project, your working directory will instead be /mnt/<project-owner-username>/<project-name>.

Note that Domino sets the DOMINO_WORKING_DIR special environment variable for all Runs, and it will always contain the path to your working directory.

Inside your working directory you will find your project files. Additionally, the following folders and files have special significance in the working directory:

├── ipynb_checkpoints   # folder with your auto-saved Jupyter states
├── results             # folder with your generated results
    └── stdout.txt      # tail of the console output from your Run
├── requirements.txt    # add this file to specify python package dependencies
├── .dominoresults      # controls which files are rendered as results
├── .dominoignore       # add file patterns here for Domino to ignore
├── .dominokeep         # add this to an empty folder to make Domino keep it
├── dominostats.json    # values written here are shown in the Jobs dashboard
├── email.html          # used to format your own notification emails
├── .noLock             # create this file to remediate "too many open files"
├──              # put your app-launching code here for Domino Apps
├── domino.log          # in local CLI projects only; contains CLI logs
└── .domino.vmoptions   # in local CLI projects only; contains proxy settings

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