Model invocation settings


There are two authorization modes for Domino models. You can select which mode you want your model to use from the Invocation tab of the model settings page.


Unrestricted mode

If your model is unrestricted, anyone with network access to Domino can call your model. No access token is required when sending a request.

Restricted mode

If your model is restricted, callers must send a valid access token along with their requests to use the endpoint. Check out the code examples in the model overview tab to see how to send access tokens with your requests.

Access tokens

On the Invocation tab, you can generate access tokens for your model. You can generate as many access tokens as you want. For convenience, you can use the name field to help you keep track of which tokens have been issued to whom, and for what purpose.

You can also revoke or regenerate a token by clicking the gear button.