Support bundles

Occasionally, when working with the Domino support team, you may be asked to retrieve a support bundle. A support bundle is ZIP archive containing logs and reports from various Domino components, with information pertaining to a specific Domino execution. Support bundles are available for Jobs, Workspaces, and Apps.

To retrieve a support bundle for an execution, you need its execution ID. This can be found as part of execution assignment messages at the top of the Setup Output in the logs panel for the execution. The messages will look like this:

Successfully assigned <node-pool>/run-<execution-id>-<pod-id> to <node-name>

For example, in the screenshot below, the execution ID is 5e3451ba1f7c7e0006d99d80.


Once you have the execution ID, you can retrieve that execution’s support bundle by visiting the following URL: