Step 4: Get your files and data

There are basically two strategies to working with data in Domino:

In this step, you’ll copy your data into the project using the Jupyter terminal. If you have not done so, please complete Step 3 to start a Jupyter workspace.

The starting file path in your Jupyter workspace is /mnt. By default, this is considered the root of your Domino project. If you add or modify files in /mnt, you can save them back to your project when you stop or sync the workspace.

  1. Use the New menu to open a Jupyter terminal.

    New terminal in Jupyter

  2. In the new terminal, run the following command to fetch some data from the BMRS:

    curl -o data.csv ""
  3. Type an informative commit message in the textbox above the Sync All Changes button. Now, click the Sync All Changes button in the toolbar to perform a sync and save the new data.csv file to your Domino project.

    Full Sync button

Return to your project in Domino by navigating to a new browser tab. Then, navigate to the “Files” section of Domino. Notice that the raw data has been saved in the latest revision.

Files after full sync

See the documentation on other methods of both copying data into Domino and querying data from Domino.