Step 6: Clean Up Your Workspace

To avoid spending unnecessary compute resources, make sure to stop any workspace sessions that you started as a part of this tutorial. This will prevent you from incurring unnecessary charges if your Domino is deployed in the cloud. If your Domino is deployed on premises, this will free up your compute resources for others to use.

There are two places in the Domino UI that you can stop your session.

Option 1: Stop your workspace session from inside the workspace.

  1. Save your files and click “Stop” in the Domino menu bar.


  1. Confirm your decision by clicking “Yes, Stop”. The MATLAB session will close and a message will appear informing you that the session has been stopped.



Option 2: Stop your workspace session from the Workspaces section.

  1. Navigate to the Workspaces section in Domino (this may be in a different tab).

  2. Click on the Stop button corresponding to your workspace session.


  1. Click “Stop and commit results”.


The “Stop and commit results” button stops the workspace session and also saves your work to your Domino project. The new files created from Step 5 should now be visible in the Files section of Domino.