Domino 4.5.0 (June 2021)

New Features

  • File Browser in Git-based projects with CodeSync - Users can browse the content of linked Git repositories natively from within Domino. This ability is currently provided for the default branch of the Git repo.

  • Streamlined setup of Git-based projects with CodeSync - At project creation time, Domino provides a choice of linking to an existing Git repository, or creating a new GitHub or GitHub Enterprise repository for Git-based projects with CodeSync. To learn more, refer to the new steps 6-9 in the documentation To create a Git-based project.

  • Read/Write Datasets - Domino Datasets have been enhanced and now offer intuitive read/write access to the latest data, while preserving the ability to explicitly version through snapshots. Additionally, accessing datasets and snapshots is dramatically simplified and no longer requires the use of domino.yaml. Lastly, scratch spaces have been deprecated in favor of the new read/write capabilities. To learn more, refer to the Datasets documentation. For specific changes in this release and migration considerations, consult the section Upgrade from versions prior to Domino 4.5.

  • on Domino - Domino introduces the ability to dynamically provision and orchestrate clusters directly on the infrastructure backing your Domino instance. To learn more, refer to the on Domino documentation.

  • Spark 3.1.1 - The version of Spark that was validated for use with Domino On-Demand Spark is Spark 3.1.1. To learn more, refer to the Domino documentation.

  • Custom GPU resource names - In Hardware Tiers, it is now possible to specify a custom name (different from for GPU resources. This allows usage on hardware that advertises GPU resources under a different name. Some examples include: NVIDIA MIG GPUs, AMD GPUs, AWS vGPUs, Xilinx FPGA. To learn more, refer to the Domino documentation.

  • Max Simultaneous Executions per Hardware Tier - Domino Administrators can limit the total number of Domino executions that can use a given Hardware Tier at the same time. To learn more, refer to Maximum Simultaneous Executions documentation.

Upgrades & Enhancements

  • New DAD - Published a new version of the Domino Analytics Distribution Ubuntu18_DAD_Py3.8_R4.0-20210503_noCUDA, as well as variants _CUDA11 and _Spark3.1, available on Quay. Note that existing environments do not get updated to use the new DAD on upgrade. To learn more, refer to the DAD documentation.

  • New DMD - Published a new version of the Domino Minimal Distribution Ubuntu18_DMD_Py3.8_R4.0-20210517 available on Quay. To learn more, refer to the DMD documentation.


  • Clusters in Cost API - Information about Ray compute clusters is now reported by the /v4/gateway/runs/getByBatchId API.

  • Dataset API - Public APIs for Datasets have been modified as follows. Archive Dataset endpoint has been renamed to Delete Dataset to remove the ambiguity around dataset deletion operations. Only administrators are allowed to delete datasets. Two new endpoints have been introduced: Create Snapshot that allows for creating snapshots from the dataset, and Create Dataset (from Snapshot) that allows for creating datasets seeded by a given snapshot. Please refer to the Datasets API for more detail about these endpoints.

  • JupyterLab launch directory - JupyterLab workspaces using the new Domino Analytics Distribution now have their sidebar start at the root directory (rather than /mnt or /mnt/code) due to an upgrade in JupyterLab to version 3.0.15.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Domino CLI on Windows so that log4j errors are no longer printed at the command prompt.

  • Fixed Domino CLI upload of a large number of files to refresh access token as needed, so the upload will not fail after 5 minutes.

  • Fixed Domino CLI upload of multiple files in clientBlobModeOverride:API mode so that workspaces can be started after upload of blobs.

  • Fixed Domino CLI upload-dataset command to correctly skip zero-byte files in the file set to be uploaded.

  • Fixed Domino CLI to comply with firewall restrictions in operations such as downloading projects.

  • Fixed Control Center to handle large volumes of historical run data without timing out while loading data into the UI. By default, last 1 year of data will be shown in the UI.

  • Fixed the environment dropdown on Account Settings page to allow the user to select from all environments they have access to, removing the previous limit of 100. This fix is of practical interest to Domino administrators who may need to select from 100+ environments visible to them, in order to change their personal default environment.

  • Added Lite User count to the Total active users statistics on the Users Admin page, which previously did not report Lite users.

  • Fixed sorting by Collaborators column on the Projects Portfolio page of Control Center.

  • Fixed 500 Internal Server Error that was intermittently seen by users at the moment of max session timeout.

  • Improved error handling in the R harness to propagate code errors to the user with the appropriate error code.

  • Reduced latency of loading Model APIs page and related UI pages. Users with exceptionally high volume of models will see a significant speedup from before but may still experience minor latency.

  • Fixed handling of empty environment variables in models which was causing Model API Settings page to crash.

  • Fixed links on the Model APIs versions page to correctly navigate to the project files for the specific model version listed, rather than to the latest version of the project files.

  • Fixed support for RStudio 1.4 and made it the default version of RStudio in the Domino Analytics Distribution (DAD) distributed with Domino 4.5.0.

  • Restyled the Intercom button to match main UI colors, and to stay in the lower right corner of the window when resized.

  • Enabled organization members to edit scheduled jobs created by another organization member in a project owned by the organization.

  • Fixed an issue with Results Consumer users seeing a spurious error “Failed to get files in scratch space” when they click on Datasets in the main Domino menu.

  • Fixed an issue with importing projects continuing to have access to files from projects that allowed and later disallowed export. If export setting is disabled, the previously exported files will no longer be accessible outside their project.

  • Restored the CreatePublicProject permission to Admin users so they can publish public projects.

  • Fixed error messaging on attempt to upload multiple files with a combined size exceeding config.nginx.uploadLimit.

  • Enabled organization members to change “Workspace and Jobs Volume Size” settings on projects owned by the organization.

  • Prevented contributors from archiving projects, only project owner will now have this ability.

  • Restored ability to hide searchable projects when using Domino UI Customizations, by setting Central Config option com.cerebro.domino.whitelabel.jsonConfig={"hideSearchableProjects":true}

  • Fixed an intermittent issue with restartable workspaces where after launching a workspace and going through re-login process, sometimes two workspaces would be started rather than the expected one.

  • Disallowed usage of relative mount paths with .. when specifying External Data Volumes, as a security precaution.

  • Fixed an issue with Git-based projects with CodeSync, where auto shutdown of a workspace was resulting in a commit of code changes to git. Now auto shutdown will keep the changes saved on the volume but not pushed back to Git, which is consistent with the behavior of DFS based workspaces.

  • Domino CLI was logging raw HTML of the response from domino server in case of certain errors. With this fix, only an error summary including HTTP response status is logged to domino.log, followed by string {{<html>--deleted--</html>}}

  • Fixed an issue that affected the visual rendering of the “Files” page in Domino projects using the Domino File System (DFS).

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Hardware Tier” and “Environment” drop-down menus from rendering in the “Project Settings” section of Domino.

  • Disallowed usage of spaces in directory names for imported git repositories, to prevent failure to start workspaces, since directory names with spaces are not supported.

  • Fixed an issue affecting redirects in Flask apps.

  • Fixed an issue affecting email notifications when using “@” to mention team members on the same Domino deployment.