Domino 4.6.2 (November 2021)

Upgrades & Enhancements

  • This release includes significant performance and stability improvements in many components throughout the Domino platform.

  • The execution engine is now scalable to handle thousands of running executions.

Bug Fixes

  • The Projects API (/v4/projects) no longer times out on deployments containing a large amount of historical data.

  • Jira integrations now authenticate correctly during setup.

  • Environments detail pages now load more quickly.

  • In launch dialogs for workspaces, model APIs, jobs, and so on, the Launch button now loads quickly.

Known Issues

  • Any installations that require a third-party, registry, and manage Istio with Domino, will fail to install or upgrade with Domino 4.6.0-4.6.2. Contact Domino for assistance working around this issue.