Downloading individual files or folders with the CLI

If you need to download individual files from a project, the simplest way to do this is from the Files page in the UI. However, if your files are too numerous to manage from the UI, there is an alternate method using a CLI command:

domino download-results.

This command accepts a filter that allows you to download a subset of the project. Documentation of this command is available by running:

domino help download-results

As an example, you could download the contents of a folder with a command like this:

domino download-results --filter 'myfolder/*' 548fda01e4b0a8f06b7e8d99
  • The --filter option is what limits the downloaded files to the pattern that follows it

  • 548fda01e4b0a8f06b7e8d99 is the run ID

You can also use a run number instead of an ID:

domino download-results --filter 'myfolder/*' 1

Note that this downloads the output files from a run, so it requires you to have submitted at least one run in the project. Files appear in the local directory under results/run-<runId or runNumber>.