White labeling

If you are using an on-premises deployment of Domino, Domino’s white labeling features allow you to “re-brand” your Domino interface with your organization’s own identifying marks, by adjusting three specific settings. These settings are controlled through Central Configuration, which is accessible via the Admin page (Advanced > Central Config).

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Customize footer HTML


This setting stores any custom HTML you would like to appear just above the page footer.

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Customize footer image


This setting contains the URL of the image which appears on the bottom right corner of the footer, on the same line as the Domino logo. IfcustomFooterHtmlis set, this custom footer image will appear just below the custom HTML, inside the actual footer itself.

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Customize “contact us” link


This setting specifies what happens when a user clicks the “Contact” link at the bottom of the left-side navigation panel. (Note that this navigation option is only visible when a user is in a project.) The value can be set to a URL to direct users to a web-based form, or to an email address (mailto:support@domain.com) to trigger the user’s email client to send an email.

** For more information, reod our documentation on on Central Configuration.