Step 3: Start a MATLAB Workspace

Workspace sessions are interactive sessions hosted by a Domino executor where you can interact with code in MATLAB stored in Domino.

Step 3.1: Launch a Workspace

  1. Create a new workspace by clicking the + New Workspace button in the Workspaces menu.

New Workspace

  1. Enter a name for your workspace and ensure that your workspace environment is set to a MATLAB environment. All other options can be left as-is for the purposes of this walkthrough. Launch the workspace (you may need to monitor your browser to ensure a new tab appears).

Launch Workspace

  1. Your browser will be automatically redirected to the workspace’s UI when it’s ready. Once your workspace is up and running, you’ll see a MATLAB desktop. If you’re new to MATLAB, you might find the MATLAB documentation and on-ramp tutorials helpful.

MATLAB Desktop