Domino 4.2

4.2.2 (May 2020)


  • Fixed an issue where collaborators attempting to start workspaces in projects they did not own would get redirected to the wrong URL, resulting in 404.

4.2.1 (May 2020)


  • Improved performance of the files browser in the UI
  • Fixed an issue where user-uploaded custom certificates were not being used when connecting to Git servers for cloning and working with externally hosted repositories.
  • Domino 4.2.1 is supported by fleetcommand-agent v23 or greater. See the fleetcommand-agent release notes for breaking changes and new options.

4.2.0 (May 2020)

New features


  • The user interface for workspaces has been redesigned to support new features like separate interface tabs for the Spark UI when using on-demand Spark clusters.


    The workspaces dashboard has also been redesigned for simplicity and readability.


    The process for launching a new workspace is now started from the + New Workspace button at top right. This button opens a redesigned dialog for starting a workspace.


  • Performance improvements to the workspace startup flow have reduced the minimum time to start a workspace, and additional progress information is now shown during startup.

  • A number of issues related to reverse proxy and subdomain access to workspaces have been fixed.

  • The default resource requests for Domino platform services have been tuned to provide baseline capacity for orchestrating 300 concurrent executions. Read the infrastructure sizing overview to learn more.